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Parts for A-dec Suction

       H.V.E. - High Volume Evacuator.                      

A-dec 15mm HVE

      S.E. - Saliva Ejector.


A-dec Standard SE


 Autoclavable HVE and Saliva Ejector Asepsis

1. Remove the tip from the valve body.

2. Although it is not necessary to do so, you may want to turn off the central vacuum before disconnecting the HVE or Saliva Ejector.

3. To remove the HVE or saliva ejector body, simply separate the body from the tubing by pulling it apart at the tailpiece.

4. Remove the control valve by pressing it out of the HVE or saliva ejector valve body.

5. Clean and rinse the valve body and control valve using a mild detergent, water, and a brush, allow to dry completely.

6. Sterilize the valve body and control valve in an autoclave

7. Apply a light coat of Silicone Lubricant on the O-ring seals of the control valve.

8. Reinstall the control valve in the valve body.

9. Reinstall the body on the tubing tailpiece.

10. Operate the HVE and the saliva ejector valves several times to verify that it rotates smoothly. Replace the O-rings if necessary.

CAUTION - Use only silicone lubricant when lubricating instrumentation O-rings. Petroleum products will cause permanent damage to the O-rings. 

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