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A-dec Light  - Replacing the Bulb

WARNING: To avoid burning your fingers, allow the bulb to cool before touching it.
Touching the bulb with your bare fingers could cause the bulb envelope to fracture. Finger oils can also affect light performance and severely limit bulb life. Install the bulb using the wrapper to protect the bulb. If you should inadvertently touch the bulb, gently clean it with cotton dampened with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.

 A-dec Replacment Bulb


To replace the bulb ,turn off the light and allow the light to cool. If you must replace the bulb immediately (to continue working on a patient, for instance), turn off the
light. Release the toggles on the light shield and set the shield aside. Using a gauze pad or cloth to protect your fingers, carefully pull the old bulb from its socket and
discard it. Holding the new bulb in its outer wrapper with the pins away from you, carefully insert it in the socket. The bulb base is fragile and can break under excess pressure. Remove and discard the outer wrapper, then reinstall the light shield and secure with the toggles. Verify the operation of the light by turning it on and operating it at each intensity switch setting.

Inserting the new bulb

WARNING: Never operate the light with the light shield removed. The clear shield contains UV blocking additives. The light shield is also your protection in the unlikely event that the bulb shatters.