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Anthos in Australia - Experience the difference 

Classe A3 Plus - simple, practical and reliable.

For more information on the Anthos A3 plus – Click here

Classe A3 Plus is designed and assembled at Europe’s major dental unit production hub. Designed by the Anthos development team and produced in an ultra-modern facility, the Classe A3 Plus receives the same conscientious attention and is put through the same strict quality tests as all the units in the Anthos range.


Based on a construction concept that ensures durability and reliability, Classe A3 Plus provides integrated instruments and systems plus outstanding ergonomics and flexibility: the essence of Anthos values and quality. 





*CQ Tec Services acknowledges the Copyright & Trademarks of the Cefla Dental Group and Anthos, via Bicocca, 14/c 40026 IMOLA - Italy.  Anthos in Australia, 117 Bouverie Street Carlton VIC 3035 - Australia 


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