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Couplings and parts

KaVo  - Multiflex®

KaVo Mulitifex Coupling

WARNING: KaVo Mulitiflex Couplings can not be autoclaved or ultrasonically cleaned

MK Dent  - Quick Connector QC6016

MK Dent Quick Connector

The MK-Dent Quick Connector is the perfect substitute for the KaVo Multiflex, as it is 100% compatable with KaVo handpieces, but has the advantage of having no water control ring. This is the perfect solution when using KaVo handpieces on non Kavo chairs.

W&H - Roto Quick®

W&H Roto Quick Coupling

The W&H Roto Quick system coupling is a multi-faceted system interface, which connects any standardized turbine tubing to any W&H turbine or air motor with Roto Quick connection.

NSK - Mach®

NSK Quick Disconnect


Unlike the other couplings listed so far, the only user serviceable parts in these units are the gasket and the intra-oral light bulb. The gasket is a universal part and the light bulb can now be replaced with a superior LED globe, it's Part number BU8012N.

NSK Coupling O-ring on each handpiece

With NSK couplings the O-rings that seal the coupling are on the internal stem of each handpiece, and require the same inspection and maintenance as other coupling o-rings. the oring kit for NSK handpieces is NSK-Y900.580

Sirona - R/F Quick Change

Sirona R/F Quick Change Couplings

Sirona call their system the Click & Go, like all the other systems except for the NSK, this coupling has external O-rings and a the light source in the tip

Identify Which Coupling System You have.


Handpeice Coupling Systems

CAUTION - Use only silicone lubricant when lubricating instrumentation O-rings. Petroleum products will cause permanent damage to the O-rings.

KaVo Multiflex LUX® is the registered trademark of KaVo
W&H Roto Quick® is the registered trademark of Firma W&H;
BienAir Unifix L®, Bien Air Unifix® is the registered trademark of BienAir;
NSK MachLit/Phatelus®, NSK Mach®, NSK QD-J® is the registered trademark of NSK.