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Minimum Dental Air Quality Required

Although not legislated for in Australia, the Standard that should be adopted as a minimum requirement for Dental Air is ISO 8573-1: 2010 Quality Class 1.4.1

This is more stringent than the (now withdrawn) Australian Standard for Dental Compressed Air. AS 2866-1986 “Dental equipment - compressed air systems”. 

This air quality level should be adopted as a duty of care by the dentist to their patients and staff and is the minimum level of air quality recommended by us, as our duty of care to our clients.

The most significant aspects of this air quality standard are the three contaminant components nominated, they are particulate matter, water vapour and condensed hydrocarbons. There is also the additional consideration of odour to be take into account.

Particulate Matter – should not exceed 0.01 um.

Water Vapour – should not exceed a pressure dew point of 3 deg. C

Condensed Hydrocarbons – should not exceed 0.01 mg / cubic meter.

Odour – There should be no noticeable odour.

The pressure dew point (P.D.P) is for a given pressure, the temperature at which water will begin to condense out of air..