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Performance and Air Quality – For over half a century

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Compressed air systems for surgeries

Dürr Dental has been at the cutting edge of new developments in dental compressed air technology for the past 50 years. With impressive results in performance, reliability and air quality. That’s why Dürr compressors have become a byword for high-quality dental compressed air: air that is oil-free, hygienic and dry.

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Dürr Compressors – Robust and reliable.

Just the sight of the Dürr units expresses the extraordinary quality and the technical design has set world-wide standards. In 1965, Dürr Dental developed the first completely oil-free compressor for dental medicine. This innovation became the technological standard. Now, the highly efficient membrane drying unit is just one more example of many demonstrating the unwaning spirit of innovation within Durr Dental. units.

In choosing a compressor, reliability is a top priority. The modern motor concept of Dürr Dental meets all requirements in this regard and is designed for continuous operation. The high quality system components provide for the highest degree of precision and running smoothness. This means that the compressor is not only quieter but it will have a longer life.

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Dürr Duo             $   8,404.00 Inc. GST*

Dürr Trio             $ 11,550.00 Inc. GST*

Dürr Quattro      $ 12,650.00 Inc. GST*


This is what counts:
▪ Over 50 years of experience
▪ Inventor of oil-free dental compressors
▪ Antibacterial inner tank coating
▪ 100 % continuous operation possible
▪ Latest air drying technology with membrane technology
▪ High-quality "Made in Germany"
▪ Air quality complying to dental quality standards


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