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V Series Suction Systems

Dürr Dental – world leaders in dental practice suction systems. Your decision to purchase a Dürr Dental suction system means that you can be sure of reliable performance. The V series of suction systems offer an exceptionally wide range of Combination Suction Units and accessories to meet the individual needs of every practice.

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Dürr Suction systems – smarter because they are simpler.

Dürr Dental has combined the complex suction system comprising the suction and the separating machine in a single combination suction unit on one shaft. This is known as a VS unit where V stands for vacuum generator (suction machine) and S stands for separator. The amalgam separator can be integrated with a VSA unit or with an additional amalgam separator. This advanced technology not only reduces installation costs, but also the amount of equipment required. Maximum suction performance is combined with economy, robustness and long service life as well as a reduction in maintenance costs. The ecological benefits are reflected in the high degree of amalgam separation achived by the VSA units.

Key advantages for your practice

Many key questions arise when considering installing new equipment, or modernizing, or taking over a practice. Key solutions regarding the suction system are provided by the Combination Suction Units VS300 / VS 600 / VS 900. Three terms that succinctly describe the performance of these units since they combine vacuum generation and separation from one up to three treatment chairs with a suction capacity of  300 l/min at each cannula.

Adding up the costs and making decisions Investing in extending the practice requires careful consideration. Extending prophylactic and oral hygiene provision often means an additional room will be required and these are changes which the practice technology must keep pace with. Clear savings can be achieved because the VS central suction units combine suction and separation for all the practice centrally in one machine on one drive shaft. There is no need for extra separation machines involving more complex cross-connections during installation. There is also a saving on a part of the operating costs of conventional systems. In addition, an amalgam separator CA 4 fitted to
a VS 300 / VS 600 S / VS 900  converts that into a central VSA 300 / VSA 600 / VSA 900 S

Wet Suction

VS 300S  -  $ 3,190.00 Inc. GST*

VS 600   -  $ 5,555.00 Inc. GST*

VS 900   -  $ 7,546.00 Inc. GST*


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Dry Suction

V 300S  -  $ 2,255.00 Inc. GST*

V 600   -   $ 4,763.00 Inc. GST*

V 900   -  $ 5,764.00 Inc. GST*


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