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Lowspeed Air Motors


MK-dent AM1014 Lowspeed 

MK Dent Lowspeed Motor AM1014 

$ 962.50 Inc. GST*

This quality German engineered ISO – E type compatible non-optic air motor runs up to 20000 rpm maximin speed.  It comes as an easy to connect standard 4 Hole system, with infinite right and left handed rotation adjustment. It has separate cooling mediums and is easy to clean and care for. These motors have long lifespan because of high quality parts used in their manufacture.


W&H A25LT Air Motor

W&H A25 LT Optic Air Motor  

$ 1,842.50 Inc. GST* 

The W&H air motor A-25 is characterized by high motor power and a long lifespan. Power can be controlled smoothly in both forward and reverse drive. It works quietly and is very light to use, weighing only 40g. The air motor is easy to clean and maintain and is available with or without light.




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