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Pilot Air - Experts In Compressed Air Solutions

No air conditioning in your plant room. 

Then ask us about the best Pilot Air solution for your dental surgery. 

Pilot Air began operations in 1980 and is still proudly Australian owned. Their experience in the industry has established them as one of the market leaders in the design, manufacture, sales, service and installation of air compressors, compressed air treatment products, compressed air delivery systems and components.

Pilot Air’s products offer “whole of life” value to their clients. When taking into account product durability, running costs, energy efficiency and servicing costs, an investment in Pilot Air’s products will provide value for money over the course of an air compressor’s life.

The Pilot Air “Classic K” Series. Setting the industry standard for over 30 years.

Pilot Air's "K" series Super Duty Compressors – Robust and Reliable.

Here are some of the features that make these compressors the perfect choice for non air-condition plant rooms.

They are Australian built, with Pilot Air’s seal of quality. Designed and built for heavy duty use with Twin cast iron cylinder, Italian made pumps. The High performance, heavy duty components ensures reliability and longevity. The “SD” models feature an oversized pump for extra efficiency and reliability. The Air receiver is certified to AS1210-3, suitable for Australian workplace use. They have a three year compressor pump warranty.


Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers


Pilot Air’s ACT Range of Refrigerated Air Dryers is rated for Australian conditions with flow rates based on an ambient temperature of 35°c.

An ACT Refrigerated Air Dryer is the perfect companion to the K series Super Duty Compressor.

ELECTRONIC CONTROL PANEL - Operation of the dryer is monitored by a digital thermometer in the control panel.

HOT GAS BY-PASS VALVE - This innovative new design, incorporating greater precision and accuracy, prevents the formation of ice inside the evaporator under any load condition. The valve is set during final testing and no further adjustments are needed.

CONDENSATE DRAIN  - All models are fitted with a timed electronic drain. Discharge and pause times are adjustable.

CONDENSER  - Generous sizing of the condenser ensures maximum performance of the refrigerant circuit and the ability to operate with changes in the ambient conditions. Easy access to the condenser for cleaning and maintenance.

Ask us about a suitable air sytem for your surgey. 

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