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Calibrating Pressure Gauges and Transducers

We can calibrate your Pressure Gauges, Calibrators, Indicators, Transducers and Recorders in accordance with any of the following standards.


AS/NZS 1349-1986: "Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum gauges."


Metrology Society of Australia MSA Test Method 1 Rev.5 2008: "Calibration of Pressure Calibrators, Indicators and Transducers."


Metrology Society of Australia MSA Test Method 2 Rev.3 2008: "Calibration of Pressure Gauges.


Test pressure ranges from  -95 kPa to 70,000 kPa ( -13 to 10,000 PSI)


The accuracy requirements for Test Gauges are:


Test Gauges ±0.25% of F.S.R


The accuracy requirements for Transducers as per MSA Test Method-1 are:


To the manufacturer’s one year accuracy specification for each tested range unless the user agrees to conformance to another accuracy specification.


The accuracy requirements for Industrial Gauges are:


Gauge Diameter 63mm and less  ±3.0% of F.S.R

Gauge Diameter above 63mm     ±1.0% of F.S.R (in the 10% to 90% range)

                                                       ±1.5% of F.S.R (below 10% and above 90% range)



All measurements are traceable to national and international standards via a registered NATA laboratory or a mutually recognised international testing authority. (See NATA’s International Activities )