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Over 120 Years of Experience

Introducing the New A-Superior Series

Introducing the New A-Superior Series 

With Chair | Delivery Unit | Basis Unit | Assistant’s Arm (wet suction) | Operating Light

Now you can have quality without having to compromise for price! From the world’s oldest dental equipment manufacturer, the new Ritter A-Superior line provides streamlined design and features at an exceptional price. Every Ritter A-Superior system includes.

Key Features

Ritter A dental chair
- with programmable positions

Ritter A delivery system
- Choice of traditional or continental delivery
- 3 way syringe with autoclavable tip
- fibre optic highspeed handpiece lines
- lowspeed handpiece line
- Piezo ultrasonic scaler with 3 tips
- plus doctor’s controls with easy touch panel

Ritter A cuspidor & assistant unit
- 3 way syringe with autoclavable tip
- High & low suction lines with Euro style tubing
- Ceramic spittoon with rotation for patient access.
- Water bottle system for waterline disinfection, plus assistant controls with easy touch panel

Ritter A dental operating light
- dual intensity with autoclavable handles.


*CQ Tec Services acknowledges the Copyright & Trademarks of Ritter Concept GmbH, Grüner Weg 32  88400 Biberach – Germany.


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