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RITTER - the dental equipment experts since 1887

Over 120 Years of Experience

Designed to Stand the Test of Time

The history of the Ritter Dental Manufacturing spans over 120 years

The roots of the Ritter company date back to 1887 when German born founder, Frank Ritter, opened his first factory in Rochester, New York. The history of the Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company spans over 120 years and continues to this day with current manufacturing facilities located in Zwönitz, Germany.

The Ritter name is well respected in dental circles, and remains one of the leading dental equipment providers. The company is always striving for innovation and excellence in product quality, producing a range of models which allow every dentist to enjoy the benefits of owning a “Ritter”.

Quality German Engineering

Ritter Contact Series

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The Platinum System – Premium Performance

The Ritter D720 sets the standard in treatment centre performance and the integration of advanced control functions. Its highly automated operation and practical patient positioning that promotes proper four handed dental techniques with enable you to treat you patients with the utmost of comfort and efficiency.

Key Features

Comprehensive control panel with memorisation functions for all instrument settings. Advanced functions such as motor torque control, programmable speeds and lockout control. Benchmark standards of instrumentation with Heated syringes, multiple micro-motors and/or turbine lines, fibre optic highspeed/ lowspeed/ scaler instruments, & saline irrigation for surgical procedures. Unique Flat Panel multi-function foot control system.

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