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NEOVO DR17 - Medical Grade Video Display


A durable, versatile, high performance display.

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Expressly designed for Dental and Medical environments.

$ 990.00 Inc. GST*

Professionals in medical, dental, and healthcare services have always sought out the most advanced technology for the benefit of patients. And in the most progressive medical practices, professionals immediately recognise the advantages of environment-specific AG Neovo displays.


Advances in dental health care such as digital photography, digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras integrated with video displays, are changing the face of modern dentistry. To help patients become better informed about their treatments, dentists are realising the importance of displaying information with a computer monitor. No modern dental clinic is complete without one.


By their ability to create, display and store dental images, computer networks and displays provide the backbone of complete office integration in dentistry. Designed to specifically to address these challenges, the NEOVO DR-17 MONITOR is the perfect video display solution.

The DR-17 is a durable, high resolution 1280 x 1024, 17” - 43cm display featuring the specified DC 24 V medical power supply essential for dental and medical applications. A sturdy metal casing and VESA compliant design allows for a variety of mounting possibilities. The protection of NeoV™ Optical Glass and the flexibility of analogue, DVI, S-Video and CVBS inputs make the DR-17 perfect for patient education in dental and medical environments.

DR-17 Features

• Full 17” LCD display with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024
• High 300 cd/m2 brightness
• Crisp 3000:1 contrast ratio
• Fast 3 ms response time
• S-Video, composite, analogue, digital inputs
• Protective NeoV™Optical Glass technology
• Distinctive metal casing for added strength
• DC 24V medical grade power adaptor allows longer distance connection
• EN60601-1 medical certification
• Equipotential Terminal safety standard
• An optional display handle as an accessory that allows easy display movement
• Easy to use multiple language OSD
• VESA standard arm mount

Designed to specifically to address the challenges of Dental and Medical environments

NeoV™ Optical Glass is a specially formulated, hardened optical glass – with proprietary multilayer coating – to enhance image quality, and protect screen from any incidental damage incurred in high-use Dental and Medical environments.

Panel Protection
The NeoV™ Optical Glass adheres to a stringent manufacturing process that hardens the glass for added strength and quality. As with a typical LCD display, the panel hardness only reaches 2 (out of 10) on the MOH's Hardness Scale, so the panel can be easily scratched or damaged. With NeoV™ Optical Glass, the glass attains a measurement of 6 on the hardness scale. This hardness will protect the panel from dirt, repetitive touching or other accidents that can damage the LCD panel's fragile membrane. It has been designed to specifically to address the challenges of Dental and Medical environments

High Impact Resistance
Taking the safety concern into serious consideration, the NeoV™ Optical Glass prevents panels from physical damage caused by accidental crash; resist force up to 227g steel ball free-falling from a height of 200cm. Refer to the comparison table between NeoV™ versus normal glass.

Water and Dust Resistance
Protect panels from dust and water; prolong displays life performance in dusty and damp environments.

Anti-Scratch Surface
Provides unparalleled resistance to scratches; the coated surface of NeoV™ reaches 9H, the highest grade on the pencil hardness scale.

The NeoV™ Optical Glass possesses a multi-layer coating. It is capable of decreasing glare and reflection from 4.1% to 0.93%, which results in a 77.3% visual improvement.

High Transmittance
With a high 97.7% transmittance rate, the NeoV™ Optical Glass provides a nearly perfect brightness for the panel. In typical glass, the transmittance is 91%. Both the transmittance and reflectance can be custom-made to fulfill various environmental and customer needs.

Improved Viewing Comfort
Through NeoV™ Optical Glass, bright, vivid colours are less harsh, reducing eye fatigue during extended reading periods.

Maintenance Made Easy
NeoV™ Optical Glass has passed the CNS (13033) A-level abrasion acid test and B-level alkali test. The glass can be easily cleaned and more importantly, allows for safe and thorough disinfection between patients.

Easily cleaned and disinfected with water or alcohol

NeoV™Optical Glass is the industry’s most trusted hard glass technology.



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